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Data Collection

CallTel conducts both inbound and outbound Survey campaigns using state-of-the-art email based technology.


CallTel Generates B2C & B2B Leads

Generating and qualifying leads, making calls and screening web responses can be expensive and time consuming. Let CallTel's Lead Generation and Qualification experts handle it so that your sales team can concentrate on selling.

Optimize Customer Survey Research Collection

CallTel's Survey Research Data Collection Services

CallTel's Survey Services specialize in helping you collect critical data so you can measure customer satisfaction, their loyalty, evaluate service patterns and ensure you're your sales, marketing and management efforts are effective.


Collecting Data for Your Survey Campaigns

CallTel conducts both inbound and outbound surveys using live associates and state-of-the-art technology, such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), email and web chat.

CallTel also conducts political polling and surveys in evaluating the effectiveness of civic leaders' messages to their constituents.

Key Benefits
  • Measure Customer Satisfaction
  • Verify Brand Awareness
  • Measure Brand Loyalty
  • Reach Full Marketplace Potential
  • Learn Purchasing Wants, Needs and Patterns
  • Confirm Viability of New Products
  • Collect Data to Measure Campaign Effectiveness
  • Anticipate Campaign Success Levels
Key Features
  • Data Collection
  • Live Associate Surveys
  • IVR Surveys
  • Email and Web Chat Surveys
  • Inbound Campaigns
  • Outbound Campaigns
  • In‐depth Reporting
  • Political Polling
  • Experienced Interviewers
  • Multilingual Interviewers

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Industry-Specific Teams

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  • We segment our call center into industry- specific teams that learn your business.
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  • Our high employee retention
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