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As a business owner, CallTel helps you manage your sales orders and lower operational costs through our Order Processing Service.



Dependable Order Taking and Order Entry Services

Using CallTel's Order Processing Services, we take your orders and enter them into your systems - allowing you to enhance your sales without increasing your staff. CallTel is set to answer your phone calls and take your sales orders. Our associates are trained on the details of your company and products, to up-sell and cross-sell and to increase the size of your orders


Order Entry, Order Taking and Order Processing Solutions Our Order Processing Solutions include:

Web/E-commerce Order Processing

Do you sell your products and services on the web? We can enter orders directly into your existing e-commerce web forms. Your orders arrive in real-time, ready to be fulfilled. Let CallTel do the work so you can focus on the other aspects of your campaign.

Automated Order Processing

Would you like to automate your telephone order entry process and cut down on staffing costs? With CallTel's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, we can process your orders over the phone, without a salesperson collecting the information

Order Management & Fulfillment

CallTel delivers a one-stop e-commerce solution with our in-house abilities to fulfill and deliver your products quickly and reliably

One Stop Shop: Order Processing, Fulfillment, Customer Service and Support

Our turnkey packages combine order entry and processing, customer care and fulfillment handling.

Key Benefits
  • Customized to Fit Your Needs
  • Customer Care Specialists
  • Live Agent or Automated Options Available
  • Extend Your Business Hours to Provide Customer Service 24/7
Key Features
  • Product/Order Fulfillment
  • Outbound Sales Campaigns
  • Inbound Mail Services
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Response<
  • Live Chat

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us

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  • Make customer care your #1 priority.
  • Leverage our talent to build your
  • Customize Calltel's extensive
    services for your needs.

Industry-Specific Teams

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  • We segment our call center into industry- specific teams that learn your business.
  • We offer industry expertise to you at no additional cost.
  • Our high employee retention
    means more experience
    for our customers.