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A Hands-Free Alternative For Your Mobile Phone or Mobile Device In today's mobile society, Mobile phones are a personal and business necessity. If your business puts you on the road, you'll need an answering service to take your Mobile phone calls.

5 Reasons To Use Mobile Phone Answering Service:

  • Don't Be another Crash Statistic! The impact of mobile devices on driving safety is a growing concern worldwide.
  • Prevent Delays and Penalties: There is a real temptation to answer a ringing phone even if answering is illegal. The best way to handle these calls is to use CallTel's Mobile Answering Service.
  • Emergencies Only: Phone calls from family members, new or existing customers may need to be taken as soon and as safely as possible. A Mobile phone answering service is a responsible and safe solution.
  • Improve Service and Profits: 75% of callers will hang up if they get your voicemail. Employing a dedicated staff to take all your calls can be very expensive, especially for a start-up business or a small business owner. By use CallTel's Mobile Phone Answering Service, your client and prospects speak with a live person, resulting in better customer service.
  • Reduce Stress: Interrupted meetings, distractions at work and too many calls at inappropriate times are stressful and can interrupt the flow of your business day. You can carry on about your business and let our live agents to answer your Mobile phone for you.


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