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Appointment Scheduling & Reminder Services


CallTel has Appointment Management Services to run your schedule efficiently and profitably. Let us help you manage and remind your clients of their appointments.


What's the cost of an empty chair?

Let's take a look at a business with N1,700 appointments, a list of 400 clients in a month and the cost of the "no-show";

  • 2 no shows per day = N34,000
  • 14 no shows per week = N238,000
  • 52 no shows per month = N884,000

Why CallTel?

For the boutique-style service you enjoy CallTel can seamlessly migrate call traffic in case of an outage, so there is never a break in service.
CallTel's clients rely on us to keep their businesses running. So think CallTel for all your appointment scheduling and reminder service needs.


Key Benefits

  • Save Administrative Time and Money
  • Ideal for Any Business that Schedules by Appointment
  • Set Up Quickly and Easily
  • No Overhead Costs to You
  • Local Dialects and Accents
  • English, French or Spanish Service
  • No Equipment to Buy
  • No Software to Install
  • Saves Thousands of Naira in Lost Revenue



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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us

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  • Make customer care your #1 priority.
  • Leverage our talent to build your
  • Customize Calltel's extensive
    services for your needs.

Industry-Specific Teams

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  • We segment our call center into industry- specific teams that learn your business.
  • We offer industry expertise to you at no additional cost.
  • Our high employee retention
    means more experience
    for our customers.