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Why use CallTel?

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    Make Customer Care Your No. 1 Priority.

    CallTel is committed to solidifying customer relationships. From broad training to technological developments, your clients experience our promise in every phone call, chat, and email. CallTel clients are matched with a specific associate significantly simplifying tasks from set-up to writing scripts and increasing productivity.

    Experience our brand of customer care
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    Pull Our Talent to Build Your Business.

    CallTel Associates are selected for their professionalism, poise, and positive attitudes. We intensively screen new employees and back them up with training and career enhancement opportunities. Our clients benefit by working with seasoned Associates.

    Capitalize on our assets to generate better returns
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    Customize CallTel Solutions For Your Needs.

    We offer a wide variety of solutions and tools that can be customized to your specific needs, because one size never fits all. We provide the capable associates who answer customer calls, emails, and web chats in your company name with your unique scripts. Our team is trained to support your brand with our exceptional care.

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    Increase Profit with Innovative Tools.

    Our clients are often amazed by the results we produce. CallTel employs a team, dedicated to enhancing the technology that supports our business. The innovative tools are web-enabled applications for handling calls, management of sales process, and customer relationship management.

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    Seize Opportunities via 24/7 Availability.

    It is a business necessity being available 24 hours per day, and 7 days per week - not a superfluity. 24/7 availability enables you to capture opportunities that would otherwise be lost.

    Gain more sales, leads, and business
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    Value Your Customers By Serving Them Well.

    The worth of great customer service is the bottom-line gain realized with each customer. Your investment in customer care is a clever business approach that will reap satisfactory rewards both in the short and long term.

    Boost customer retention by partnering with CallTel
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    Advance without Stress.

    Our personnel becomes your vehicle for advancement and expansion. When calls and emails come in, we are there to answer. Expanding your customer service is simple with our competent customer care team.

    Prepare for the future of your business
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    Assess Quality for Best Results.

    CallTel's Quality Assurance team perform call monitoring and message delivery verification tests daily to ensure that we are keeping up on our service promise. Our clients and their customers experience the enhanced service that results from constructive feedback and rewarding employees who excel.

    Discover how quality assurance testing impacts your business
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    Promote Client Service with Industry-Specific Support.

    Our industry-specific, specialty answering solutions enable us to offer high level of service. Our associates come with past experience in these industries and we support them with additional training on industry terms, scenarios and rules.

    Assist clients with knowledge and professionalism
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    Our Commitment to Improvement will Exhilarate You.

    We strive to improve on our unrivaled service, tools, and training programs. Our management structure and positive feedback from clients and employees are critical components of our continuing evolution.

    Realize the gains from our devotion to change and serve



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The CallTel service has been a tremendous help to our business. We have sold several properties and closed many leads on the weekends - a time when our incoming calls were previously going to voicemail or unanswered

Paul Okhomina,
GM, Walden Properties