Best Customer Service Representatives

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Staying Positive 

Like Buddy Elf who just likes to smile!

Contagious Happiness
She knows no other emotion - except for Joy!

Creative Thinking
Every company should have a creative thinker at their disposal to help keep the business afloat.
Applying outside skills to the job
She might forget who you are throughout the conversation, but she knows how to make the best out of every situation.
Genuinely a good person who just wants the best for everyone. Not only will she resolve your customer’s issue, she’ll probably also convince them to purchase more product or service. A real win-win!
Making the best out of every situation
A good CSR will leave their baggage at the door and do their best to help anyone in need.
Positive attitude and a hard-working mindset 
If your CSRs are having trouble connecting with the job and/or your customers, have them take a course in etiquette.
Thinking outside the box
Constantly on her toes, thinking about the next plan. Even in stressful situations she’s always there to lend a helping hand.
Spins the negative into positive
An optimistic person who always just want to do well. Often viewed as the “voice of reason,”. Really great at keeping your customers happy no matter what the issue.
Team spirit
It doesn’t matter if they are cheering at the big soccer game or a tennis match, she is there to pump up the team.
Putting others first
While you shouldn’t expect your employees to give up their dreams, you should want them to want to help others. If you’re trying to boost morale at work, she will definitely be the one to go to.
Being a friend to all
Whether it’s a friend, a neighbor, the garbage man or even the school bully, she is always encouraging peers to be their best selves. She is mature, collected and exactly who you want on the front desk handling angry customers.
Staying Cool Under Pressure
She is cool, calm and collected even in troubling times. He gives great advice and you can certainly rely on her to remain calm and trust that she will not snap back at an angry customer.
Problem Solving
Great at solving problems and coming up with a solution.
Eagerness to Learn
She is motivated to learn everything she can and always has a positive attitude, no matter what the situation.
Positive Attitude
Doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Wants only the best for everyone and works hard to ensure that people are taken care of. Once she learns the ropes, you are set for a lifelong amazing CSR.
Team Player
They say, “teamwork makes the dream work” and she’s exactly who you would want on your team.
Great Listener
With a good listener manning your phones, you can rest easy knowing that your customers will be taken care of.
Always answers the phone in a friendly tone
A great asset to your team because she’s already well versed in office life. Not only that, but she’s friendly, reliable and she’s even got a creative touch.
Spreading love to all
He/she knows how to drop some knowledge; and her whole life basically revolves around loving people. Sounds like a great CSR to us!