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Young, energetic enterprise, focused on professionalism

Calltel serves the ever-changing needs of clients nationwide in a variety of industries. Our founders began our business in telecommunications in 1994 and we have adapted to the changing landscape of business and communication with an ever-increasing portfolio of service offerings. Our offerings have grown from basic telephone answering and voicemail to comprehensive contact center services including multi-channel contact of chat and email. Because we understand what it means to deliver exceptional customer care, Calltel has grown consistently year after year. We currently are proud to serve many successful businesses from start-ups to multinational operations across many industries.

Professionalism is our competitive advantage

What sets you apart from your competitors? Is it your service? A product? Calltel's competitive advantage is our focus on professionalism. This focus on professional service led to our unique architecture of splitting associates and clients into industry focused teams. Calltel's entire team - from Business Support Associates to managers and executives - partner with our customers to deliver focused professional results. Our goal is to be a seamless extension of your enterprise by providing knowledgeable, experienced, and professional teams to answer your calls.

Management is on board

Creating a positive, supportive work environment that people truly enjoy results in great service both internally and externally. We motivate our people to succeed by giving them the tools they need, listening when they speak up, and compensating them competitively. Satisfied, enthusiastic employees convey their "can do" attitude in every task, project, phone call, and email.

Commitment to Innovation

We believe that being open for business is about more than hours. Customers should be able to reach you when and how they desire - from online chat and email to telephone. We employ a fulltime development team to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of innovations that improve customer service and streamline operations.

Sustainability makes our world (and yours) a better place

Sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment are more than just words to us. Our office has moved from paper-filled to paperless - accomplishing the same tasks electronically. Many of our employees are remote; working from home reduces pollution and traffic. We regularly evaluate our operation to find more ways that we can promote sustainability. We only have one planet and we would like to treat it so that it lasts.



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The CallTel service has been a tremendous help to our business. We have sold several properties and closed many leads on the weekends - a time when our incoming calls were previously going to voicemail or unanswered

Paul Okhomina,
GM, Walden Properties